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Welcome to Wash Kings!

Power washing (also known as high-pressure washing) is a safe, effective and time-saving method for cleaning building exteriors, sidewalks, pavement and parking areas. A session of power washing can leave your property looking fresh, clean and attractive – a great first impression for the public entering your building. Wash Kings’s state-of-the-art mobile pressure washing services can make your company or organization look as good on the outside as we do on the inside.

Clean surfaces, both building exteriors and paved ground, not only look better but last longer. Accumulated grime, salt residue and the film left by air pollution often contain chemicals which can react with paint, stone, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, glass and Plexiglas windows. Over time, the chemical interaction between the contamination and the building materials can leave these surfaces pitted, stained, streaked and weakened. This can dramatically reduce the useful lifetime of your building and grounds improvements.

Wash King’s well-trained mobile power washing team can prevent long-term damage and provide a clean, fresh-looking surface. Power washing is safe and efficient - cleaning large areas in a fraction of the time compared to manual cleaning. Tested and proven environment-friendly cleaning fluids in the power wash can cut through the toughest accumulated dirt and grime, rinsing away unsightly contaminants.